The Human Body is Strange

I had surgery recently, to repair my broken ankle (long story, no time) and the doctor gave me some awesome photos of the inside of said ankle. I don’t have them uploaded to my computer, but it got me thinking about how our bodies are so cool and yet so mysterious in many ways. Either way, the body is generally more energy efficient than any machine, and often times it can self repair. I thought about all the little component parts as I considered my injury.

Liquid Matter

Flesh, blood, tissue,

the vital interaction

of cells

in constant reiteration.

Cellular replication is self-cloning,

bits and pieces at a time,

over time.

The body is a wound up clock,

key gone missing,

ticking out an ever slowing

circadian rhythm.

Life dissipates,

cells mostly water,

water made of atoms,

atoms mostly the space

between electrons and nucleus.

The body, therefore, is empty air,

and the assortment of random

particles connecting those spaces.

It is a wonder the body

does not melt.

It is a miracle this

“too, too solid flesh”

does not revert to the majority

liquid component,

that gravity and quantum mechanics

prevent the molecules from

flying off into

disembodied vapor.

The corporeal countenance

reveals something of the liquid yet,

rippling expressions changing with mood,

like a puddle in the wind.


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