Ah… Karaoke….

So many flats! Then sharps! Yeah, I sang. I love and hate the stuff. Just like I love and hate the stuff it is born from. Alcohol. There’s a song (see Brad Paisley) that deals with the connection between the two. Then I sang again. Ooh well…enjoy….or not. Your prerogative.


Why would you do that!?

At work I frequently have customers who, when I say “Good afternoon,” often say “How are you,” immediately followed by “I want $100 cash back,” without waiting for me to respond. (Yes, I’m a bank teller.) If you’re not going to wait for me to say “Fine, and you?” then why are you asking? If you’re going to pretend that you care, follow through. If not, then just tell me what you want and move on. I’ll respect either of those, but I won’t respect the the halfway interruption crap. Just wanted to state this grievance. Geez, people.