All the Little Lights

In general, I do not find cemeteries frightening. As far as I’m concerned, they are the best place to have picnics. It is possible to get out of the wind behind a large headstone, or a wall if the cemetery is enclosed. Often they have lovely landscaping. There is only one thing about cemeteries that gives me the creeps, and that is the solar light. These little buggers have been cropping up in my local cemetery–in the form of a flower or lantern–and I get that they are supposed to be beautiful and represent keeping a watchful light over a departed loved one. However, they inspire thoughts of will o’ the wisps in my twisted brain. Those things are bad news. I see a light in a midnight cemetery and I immediately think of that spooky scene from Lord of the Rings where Frodo follows the lights, strays from the path, and is nearly drowned by those corpses in the marsh. Except the ghosts in my imagination are far more terrifying than the ones from the movie. Seriously, underwater those things looked like toilet paper wads circling the bowl.

Feux Follets Near Paris

I digress. I grew up near a cemetery for most of my life, and it is the best shortcut, day or night, between the church (fun fact: I’m a preacher’s kid) and my house. The scariest thing I might run into there would be a mama bear with a cub, and frankly, I like my odds with the undead better.


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