Taming the Beast (so to speak)

Inspiration is a raging bitch sometimes. There, I said it. Not the first, won’t be the last. I was trying to do one of Chuck Wendig’s simple challenges over at terribleminds.com and that crazy muse or group of them or whatnot drop-kicked me and dragged me into the back alley of demented ideas. I was nearly at my word count too! So now, I have an awesome, but yet unfinished story, and it is just begging to be illustrated. Apparently, I’m supposed to do comics now? What? This story beast is like a hydra–to further the myth themed rant–and every time I think I completed one idea, two more pop up to add to the work. Leave me alone, weird hybrid tale! It started with a flash fiction of my own conjuring, based on the Miss Mary Mack clapping game, melded into the Superhero Plus challenge from Chuck’s site, then grew comic book wings, flew in the air and took a crap on my shoulder. I’m actually going to set this one aside, and let it ferment. The ideas are all popping up half-formed and clamoring for too much attention. I’ll post it here if I ever get a handle on what the story really wants to be. I’m tired. I have boatloads of reading to do yet. Goodnight.


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