Horror Films and Autumn Nights

Something about fall, even before October, makes me think Halloween thoughts. I’ve decided to sate my curiosity about the origins of horror movie staples and get some blog posts out of it too. Oh, and I’ll get to watch some classic, and some campy, horror films.

My plan is to watch about three movies a week, each with a certain theme (by creature or by subgenre). This week I’ve chosen vampires. It’s especially appropriate since that new Dracula Untold film will be hitting theaters soon. I watched Nosferatu last night to kick this off, and I’ve been researching vampires in folklore and pop culture. I hope my analysis doesn’t bore you to death.

*Bela Lugosi chuckle*

I’ll post it Sunday night. If it turns out alright, I believe werewolves will come next.


Careful around sundown. The days are getting shorter….


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