The Future Drinks the Past’s Mistakes

The human race is racing

on a convoluted track

losing the pacing

of hopes and dreams

of better places.

Calling all the long-lost


Marshall out of the dimness

into the ever increasing thinness

of this world’s creative halls.

Will you hold the banner higher?

Will you be a peaceful fighter?

Will you will yourself

ever on, despite all those

who scream, “You’re wrong!”

and help your kindred

spirits along?

I believe in God the Father,

Son and Spirit, each a whole,

whole in each other.

He who holds future and past

all in the present, and will outlast,

eternal over time, all earth’s strife.

Only He can bring true life.

We are death, who war with

each other:

son to mother, father to daughter.

We are the reason for decay:

day to night, green to gray.

We’re ever crawling from

hope to dismay.

Still I see hope continue to


while this world is growing


like a candle in a window

opening on the edge of this world.


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