Mars Horizon

Last month was a wonderful journey through one author’s works–at least some of them–and I enjoyed it. Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer. I hope to read more of his stuff. But now the time has come to move on, so let us take a different journey. This will be one of adventure, space travel, history and future, science and science fiction, and the limitless possibilities of the imagination. Step aboard the spacecraft, and let’s get a little closer to the stars. Later tonight I’ll have a review on the first book I read set on the Red Planet, Out of the Silent Planet. For now, here’s a poem:

Red on the verge of the darkening sky,

haloed by invisible sons, twins, Fear and Dread,

holding for the hopeful astrophysicists the possible

world without end. This distant twin of our own Earth,

though hardly alike, a shriveled shadow of former

glory. Dry, dusty, a frozen desert; Antarctica is more

hospitable, yet we hang our hopes on this little orb, orbiting

beyond ourselves. We who are human, we who are

bound to the ground, we love to look to the sky.


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