That Got Out of Hand Quickly

There’s a hearty crop of political yard signs growing in my area, in anticipation of local elections. Unfortunately, this means my next poetic offering with be slightly ranting and full of political meanderings. Not sorry.

A slip of the tongue can
upend nations,
shatter continents,
rend fragile peace.
We all have itching trigger fingers,
be it a retort on Twitter
or the report of a rifle
or a knee-jerk reaction
to the rabid bipartisans
on the news.
Gleefully reveling in another’s misery,
not seeking their good,
yet touting our own bleeding hearts.
We need a revolution of thought.
Moving mountains takes time,
rock by rock,
or by dynamite–that is,
it can be accomplished.
Moving hearts, well…
that is a choice to let your own heart be moved.
The mountain mover cannot
budge a hard heart.


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