Sensitivity Training

I read an article in The Atlantic which was brought to my attention by a friend’s Facebook post linking it. The article is on the longer side for today’s attention span, but well worth the time taken to read it through. Here’s a link to the article. It also spawned this poem, and it will, quite possibly cause backlash. I hope it also causes the intended effect of making us think deeply about the topic rather than jump to feeling offended.

I’m offended by this title.
Do you think I’m sensitive?
Maybe you’re just hardhearted.
There I go: Using accusative
“you” statements again.
I’m told the world’s a scary place.
I demand protection from every
trigger, microaggression,
noncontextualized statement
thrown my way. Oh, no,
they’re not directed at me personally,
just left around carelessly
like socks that have lost their mates.
I expect to be Molly coddled in the name of liberty. Free country,
free from anything that hurts
or frightens my thoughts.
I want shielding from the world,
but freedom to go out into it
expecting nothing less than to trip
naïvely through the woods
as all the Big Bad Wolves
leave me in peace to pass on through,
[Trigger Warning] unmolested.


2 thoughts on “Sensitivity Training

  1. Brilliant! I’m having a field day with the article myself and i’m only halfway through it. It’s like today’s youth want to be part of the world but want to live in a bubble which they only venture out from when all things, sharp, pointy and harmful are blunt, easily digestible, and candy-coated; or simply ignored.

    • Exactly. It’s scary to look at something thought provoking and challenging to your ideals. Except, that’s what strong communities are built of: communication and dialogue.

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