Blink blink blink
blinks the line marking
space letters will hold
and I’m holding my place
in my thoughts where
ideas will show but all I
see is the glow of computer screen
and a world of possibilities
if only the rain would stop
falling drop by drop as I stare
failing to start a single word as I
sit and think and that
maddening line goes
blink blink blink.



A Discourse on Cleanliness and Etiquette in the Workplace

Dear Coworkers,

I speak now for all those sharing a break room fridge.

Please use or remove (insert perishable good here) by the expiration date. If that salad dressing is good for another six months, it can stay for the duration. I’ll let it be. If it slops around in the fridge, wipe it up. If I find something avocado colored and peach furry, and it is neither of those items, I might actually blow a gasket. We’re adults. Throw out nasty fruitĀ beforeĀ it is unidentifiable/walking and talking of its own accord. Spend lunch break taking care of the messes made during lunch break. Don’t say “I’ll clean it when I clock back in. I’m not cleaning workplace appliances off the clock.” That’s some load of hot manure. We use that appliance primarily for storing items useful only while we are off the clock. I don’t expect to get paid for common sense and consideration of others.


Your coworker–

P.S. –who spent her lunch scrubbing the fridge out, and still had time to eat, and read. See? It’s not that hard.